Morocco’s Renewable Energy Dependency Below Global Average, Report Shows

Morocco’s Renewable Energy Dependency Below Global Average, Report Shows


In a joint report from the International Renewable Energy Agency, the World Bank, and the UN Statistics Division, it was found that Morocco’s dependency on renewable energy significantly lags behind the global average. In 2021, renewable energy accounted for only 11% of Morocco’s total energy consumption, in comparison to the global average of 19%.

Furthermore, the per capita use of renewable energy in Morocco stands at 95 watts, a stark contrast to the worldwide average of 268 watts per person. The report indicates a clear disparity in energy usage and signifies the country’s under-utilization of renewable resources.

Highlighting another concerning trend, the report reveals a drop in international financial aid towards Morocco’s clean and renewable energy sector. The funding for 2021 was as low as a million dollars, marking a significant reduction from previous years.

Despite these issues, the report sheds light on a positive aspect: Morocco has successfully achieved a 100% electricity access rate, encompassing both urban and rural areas. However, an estimated 670,000 Moroccans are still lacking access to clean cooking fuel and technologies, which potentially affects their food quality.

The report underscores Morocco’s struggles in the renewable energy sector, suggesting that these challenges could exacerbate the nation’s energy dependence and negatively impact its energy security.