High Baby Milk Prices in Morocco Endangering Health, Warns Consumer Rights Association

High Baby Milk Prices in Morocco Endangering Health, Warns Consumer Rights Association

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The Moroccan Consumer Rights Association has raised an urgent alarm over the potential health risks resulting from consumers’ inability to afford baby milk due to its soaring prices. The League has reported that many Moroccan families have been forced to resort to ‘unfit’ alternatives, imperiling their children’s health.

According to a recent statement by the organization, the price of baby milk has seen a consistent increase since 2020, with rates ranging between 7% to 28%. This surge has led to a price hike from 3 Dirhams (approximately $0.3) to an astounding 24 Dirhams (approximately $2.4).

The Association’s statement reveals an alarming trend, as baby milk, essential for children’s growth, becomes less accessible to average families. The inability of households to procure this vital commodity due to price inflation may lead to serious health implications, raising concerns for children’s nourishment.

The organization has voiced strong condemnation of this upward pricing trend. The organization, suspecting an agreement between companies to amplify prices, is advocating for immediate regulatory intervention.

As quoted in their statement, “The authorities need to be alerted about the possibility of an agreement between companies to increase the prices, an act that further disenfranchises the Moroccan families struggling to meet the nutritional needs of their children.”

Given the medical significance of baby milk, the association has proposed that its pricing should be regulated similar to medicines, particularly since it is predominantly sold in pharmacies.