Royal Gendarmerie Thwarts Theft of 34 Livestock in Pre-Eid Crackdown

Royal Gendarmerie Thwarts Theft of 34 Livestock in Pre-Eid Crackdown


Two suspects involved in multiple cattle thefts were arrested last weekend by elements of the Royal Gendarmerie in the vicinity of Safi, following a daring motorcycle chase.

The series of events began to unfold on Tuesday, June 7, when a local butcher (he is also a farmer), famous under the nickname “Saddam” reported two intruders attempting to steal his livestock. Despite escaping that night, the alleged thieves reappeared three days later at another farm in Douar Oulad Malik, only to return to Saddam’s farm and succeed in pilfering around 34 animals.

These incidents have occurred during a critical period leading up to Eid Al-Adha, a time when demand for lambs is high in the region. With the mounting urgency of the situation, the gendarmerie intensified their investigations, leading to the culprits’ arrest.

Interrogation revealed that the thieves originated from Douar Al-Iqlimiyin and were habitually stealing livestock, storing their ill-gotten gains at the house of an accomplice butcher and his two sons within the same village. On receiving news of the thieves’ arrest, their accomplices reportedly shifted the stolen livestock to an unidentified location.

One of the apprehended suspects sustained injuries during the arrest and is presently receiving treatment at a regional hospital. Four of the other alleged accomplices have been presented to the public prosecution. However, the sixth person involved, the recipient of the stolen livestock, remains at large.

As of now, no statement has been released regarding the recovery of the stolen animals.

As the observance of Eid al-Adha draws near in Morocco, the illicit activity of lamb theft sees an alarming surge. The silence of the lambs, both literally and figuratively, makes these thefts an easy undertaking, as lambs tend to follow the herd without making any noise during the night. The monetary gain from such activities is substantial. For instance, the theft of around 40 lambs can potentially rake in as much as $20,000, illustrating the lucrative allure of this illicit trade.