Outrage Following Man Blinding Donkey After Allegedly Eating His Crop

Outrage Following Man Blinding Donkey After Allegedly Eating His Crop

The poor animal lost his sight.

In an event that has sent shockwaves through Douar ben Brahim, near Safi, Morocco, a local man in his sixties allegedly assaulted a wandering donkey, causing her to lose her sight. The man claimed the donkey had been feeding on his crops, a grievance that led to his cruel act amid a record-breaking drought in Morocco.

The donkey, who had wandered in the area for the past year without a known owner, has always been an innocent presence in the community. The distressing incident has led to an outpouring of anger from local residents, who have demanded justice for this unwarranted act of violence against a defenseless creature.

As news of the assault began circulating on social media yesterday, it triggered a nationwide outcry.

Residents and social media users alike were rallying around the prophetic saying, “Have mercy on those on earth, and The one in the Sky (God) will have mercy on you,” calling for a display of empathy and kindness towards all creatures, especially now in the face of challenging circumstances such as the ongoing drought.

In a heartening response to the tragic incident, an animal welfare organization from Marrakech, Association L’arche de noĆ©: Sauvetage Animaux (Noah’s Ark), has stepped in to provide medical care to the injured donkey.

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