Moroccans Demand Jail-Sentence after Cruel Cat Killing Incident

Moroccans Demand Jail-Sentence after Cruel Cat Killing Incident


Rabat, Morocco- A wave of outcry has emerged among Moroccans as they demand authorities to take action against an individual who was caught on video ruthlessly running over and killing a cat with his car in a neighborhood of Rabat, the capital city.

This shocking incident, which was meticulously documented on video and initially shared on Instagram, has quickly spread across various social media platforms, amplifying the public’s call for justice.

In the video, the person in question, driving his car, can be seen witnessing a fight between cats. He paused briefly and then heartlessly drove over the helpless animals without any compassion or humanity.

One cat passed away as a result.

The man who recorded the video and witnessed the scene, Ahmed Farsi, said he plans to file an official complaint against the perpetrator, highlighting that he has obtained the car’s license plate number.

Farsi also appeals to animal welfare organizations to intervene and take necessary actions in response to this appalling act.

The video has generated widespread outrage among Moroccans, fueling the growing demand for consequences and emphasizing the urgency of addressing such acts of cruelty against animals.

The Moroccan Times.