Morocco’s 2022 World Cup Semi-Final Run Was No Fluke: Bein Sports’ Issam...

Morocco’s 2022 World Cup Semi-Final Run Was No Fluke: Bein Sports’ Issam Chaouali

Issam Chaouali.

Bein Sports analyst Issam Chaouali has offered a powerful rebuttal to those suggesting Morocco’s unexpected advance to the 2022 World Cup semi-finals was down to luck. Employing an arsenal of significant statistics, the Tunisian commentator constructed an argument highlighting the Lions of the Atlas’ strategic intelligence and skillful performance.

“Luck, it seems, is a convenient argument for those unwilling to accept the evolution of football dynamics,” Chaouali said, beginning his discourse. “I bring forth three key statistics, to build upon my conclusion,” said the Tunisian analyst.

“The dribbling success rate of Ounahi stood at 77.8%, making him the top-ranking player in the tournament, surpassing even Lionel Messi.

“The heart of the Lion,  Amrabat is another standout player,” Chaouali noted.

“He won in midfield 41% duels, ranking first in the world cup for his position.

“Ziyech who is a skilled forward player, like Salah and Mahraz, players who do not defend. entred 61 duels, the number one in his position in the world cup.

“These statistics underscore a strategy of collective strength,” Chaouali explained, “The credit here goes to the tactical nous of coach Walid Regragui, who has effectively harnessed each player’s potential for the team’s benefit,” Chouali noted.

Chaouali highlighted how, despite the strength and experience of European teams, they’ve struggled to unravel Morocco’s unique strategy. This, he argues, points to a testament of Morocco’s tactical discipline and synergy, rather than a stroke of good fortune.