Investigation Unfolds into Corruption in Moroccan Judiciary

Investigation Unfolds into Corruption in Moroccan Judiciary

Morocco Justice Corruption.
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Rabat, Morocco (TMT) – An ongoing investigation into potential corruption within the Moroccan judiciary system is currently underway, placing eight judges under scrutiny for allegations of trading in judicial rulings for bribes.

Five of the suspected individuals work at the Court of Appeals in Casablanca, a pivotal component of Morocco’s justice system. Three others, including a deputy prosecutor at one of Casablanca’s primary courts, a deputy prosecutor at the primary court in Mohammedia, and another deputy prosecutor in Casablanca, are also under investigation.

One specific incident under scrutiny involves a broker and one of the suspected judges. The broker sought judicial assistance for a woman fearing a prison sentence. He insinuated that he could manipulate the outcome of the deliberations. Afterward, the broker requested the return of 10,000 dirhams — roughly $1,000 USD — he had previously given to the judge. It was also noted that this judge provided information regarding a murder case.

The scope of the investigation has widened to include four lawyers, one of whom is female. The primary suspect, a regional judicial delegate, is currently under arrest. Intercepted phone conversations between the delegate and several judges, as well as a lawyer, hint at potential bribery meant to influence court decisions.

Despite the ongoing investigation, the suspected individuals continue to enjoy judicial privileges. Further, they are reported to have been in regular contact with a network of 37 brokers and intermediaries tied to the case. Fourteen of these intermediaries are currently under arrest. The National Brigade of Judicial Police has taken statements from these individuals as part of the ongoing investigation.

The investigation represents a significant case of alleged corruption within the Moroccan judiciary, potentially affecting cases and their outcomes. The Moroccan authorities have yet to release a statement on the potential impact of these allegations on past cases and whether they may lead to retrials. The investigation is ongoing.

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