Bank Of Africa – Babour Sghir Corruption Trial Postponed

Bank Of Africa – Babour Sghir Corruption Trial Postponed

Babour Sghir (yellow shirt) during the 2021 electoral campaign.

The much-anticipated trial of MP Babour Sghir has been postponed to June 20. Sghir and four other suspects are facing serious charges, including bribery, fraud, forgery, and embezzlement of public funds.

Sghir, who is currently serving a five-year term at Oukacha Prison on separate charges, has sent shockwaves through the public with his admission of presenting an official at the Bank of Africa with gifts and financial rewards.

Babour has been prosecuted for fraud, falsification of bank documents, and corruption.

Bank of Africa filed a complaint against Babour Sghir, accusing him of extorting nearly 300 million dirhams in loans and cash facilities through a fuel distribution company. This was allegedly done with the complicity of certain bank employees, and Sghir is accused of providing them with a falsified mortgage.

The case emerged publicly following an investigation carried out by the National Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ) and during hearings of Babour Sghir.

As part of the case, the Deputy Director General of the Bank of Africa (BOA) and two other bank employees, along with a notary from Settat, were arrested. They are suspected of being accomplices and are accused of facilitating the fraudulent process within the banking institution. They were detained on the order of the investigating judge at the Casablanca Court of Appeal.

The charges against him include fraud, falsification of bank documents and their use, deliberate dissipation of seized objects, illegal obtaining of a certificate issued by public administrations by giving and using erroneous data and information, and bribery.