Withdrawal of the Algerian Handball Team from the Arab Championship


    On Wednesday night, the Arab Handball Federation announced the withdrawal of the Algerian team from the sixth Arab Youth Championship currently held in Morocco. All results of the Algerian team were cancelled following their withdrawal from the tournament, which takes place between April 21 and 30 at the Mohamed V Sports Complex and the Nasseriah in the Wlad Saleh municipality, featuring teams from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tunisia, and Morocco.
    Under pressure from the Capranats system, the Algerian youth team refused to attend the match against the Moroccan team on Tuesday, claiming that the national elements were wearing shirts featuring a complete map of the Kingdom.
    Subsequently, the Arab Handball Federation announced that the national team won over its Algerian counterpart by a score of 10 to 0, according to the applicable laws before announcing the withdrawal of the eastern neighbor’s team from the championship and the cancellation of all its results.
    It should be noted that the shirts of Morocco’s national handball team were approved by the International Federation since 2016 and played against Algeria in the World Championships in 2023 in Sweden, the African Championships earlier this year in Egypt, as well as in other age group championships.
    This withdrawal coincided with a decision by the African Football Federation, which considered the Algerian capital’s Union as having lost by a score of 3-0 in the Confederation Cup semi-final against Berkane, pending the Algerian team’s decision on whether to attend or withdraw from the return match scheduled on Sunday in Berkane.