Putin Urges Israel to Stop Armed Violence

Putin Urges Israel to Stop Armed Violence

Putin Urges Israel to Stop Armed Violence

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the armed violence in Southern regions and the Gaza Strip as soon as possible.

“Russia stressed the need for a swift end to the armed confrontation, which causes numerous civil casualties,” the Kremlin said after the two leaders’ conversation over the phone, Xinhua reported.

“It is of strong need to break this vicious circle of violence and stop the suffering of people,” he added.

Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday reminded Russian citizens in Israel and Palestinian territory to be extremely cautious.

Netanyahu said earlier in the same day that at this point there are no negotiations over a ceasefire agreement.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged US Secretary of State John Kerry to work jointly to ensure a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in the same day.

Israeli started Tuesday a military operation dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” against Gazans.

As of Thursday afternoon, the Israeli Air Force struck down about 800 targets in the Gaza Strip, which killed nearly 100 Palestinians plus more than 700 injuries in the attacks, according to Palestinian medical sources.

Source: FARS