Morocco’s ONCF to Invest DH 7.5 billion in 2015

Morocco’s ONCF to Invest DH 7.5 billion in 2015


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According to Leconomiste, the CEO of Morocco’s national railway operator ONCF, Mohamed Rabie Khlie, made recently an announcement at the Board of Directors of the company whereby he said “the ONCF will invest a total amount of 7.5 billion dirhams in 2015.”

According to the said source, 4 billion dirhams will be be funneled for the High Speed Line (LGV) project while 3.5 billion dirhams will be invested in the “modernization of the current railway network.”

As a matter of fact, the one recalls that part of the the 2010-2015 agreement the ONCF had with the Moroccan state, the railway operator “should triple the journeys between Casablanca and Kenitra, double those between Settat-Marrakech, and build new train stations,” the aforementioned source closed.

The Moroccan Times.