Chabat: “Morocco Has An ‘Islamist Womanizer Minister’ That Forced Another Minister to...

Chabat: “Morocco Has An ‘Islamist Womanizer Minister’ That Forced Another Minister to Divorce In Her 50’s”

hamid chabat
Hamid Chabat, the Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party Hamid Chabat, quite known in Morocco for his media outbursts, said in the wake of a party rally in the city of Errachidia that “Morocco has an Islamist womanizer minister that forced another minister to divorce from her husband in her 50’s, after 30 years of marriage, and despite having 4 kids and being a grandma.”

Hamid Chabat did nor call by name the two ministers he was referring to, but it is highly probable that he was laching out at Ms. Soumia Benkhaldoun, the Moroccan Minister Delegate to the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Training, who has recently divorced from her husband and she is currently 52-years old.

The Moroccan Times reported two weeks ago that Benkhaldoune reached an agreement with her husband to have an “uncontested divorce,” as her husband “could not bear the fact that his wife was all the time away from her wedlock duties due to her political career.”

Regarding the “islamist womanizer” Chabat referred to, a source told The Moroccan Times on the condition of anonymity that “it is highly probable that it is the Moroccan Minister of Relations with the Parliament & Civil Society, Mr Habib Choubani,” further stressing “that Benkhaldoune and Choubani were not seen in the last session of the government council, especially in the wake of Benkirane, Morocco’s head of the government, giving his orders recently not too see together what the Moroccan media referred to as the “two ministers lovers” together in any gathering.

The Moroccan Times.