Boycotting Moroccan Teacher Trainees Take to the Streets of Casablanca Again

Boycotting Moroccan Teacher Trainees Take to the Streets of Casablanca Again [Video Included]

two young teacher trainnes during yesterday's protest. Hespress video grab.
Two young teacher trainees during yesterday’s protest. Hespress video grab.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Boycotting teacher trainees took to the streets of Casablanca yesterday to protest yet again against the governmental decrees N: 588-15-2 and N: 589-15-2, and call for the Moroccan government to cancel the two decrees.

Boycotting teacher trainees protested in Casablanca’s biggest street, Avenue zerktouni.

Mohammed Kenjae, a member of the national league for the coordination between boycotting teacher trainees told Moroccan news outlet Hespress that “the protest is a clear message and call to the Moroccan government to respond urgently and immediately to our legitimate demands.”

When a journalist working for Hespress asked Mohammed whether “sitting in the middle of the road and blocking traffic was not an act of provocation aimed at inviting the police to intervene to disperse them,” Mohammed answered that “provocation is what the Moroccan government did during the last 5 months, bearing a hard-lined mentality and turning a deaf ear to our demands, including beating teacher trainees in various protests, from which only last week in Kenitra, more than 50 teacher trainees were assaulted.”

A high ranked police officer told Hespress “that the authorities would intervene if the protesting teacher trainees get too carried away in the extent of their protest,” stressing that they will be sued judiciary if they do so.”

The Moroccan government says that boycotting teacher trainees demands are not legitimate as they were aware of both decrees before they sat for the entrance exam last summer.

It is worth reminding also that a section of teacher trainees, though a minority, is not boycotting the governmental decrees.

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