Russia’s RUDN University opens its arms to students from all over the...

Russia’s RUDN University opens its arms to students from all over the world

International students at Rudn m
Rudn hosts international students from 150 countries.

RUDN University is a world-class university located in Moscow, Russia. It is the only university to unite students from 150 countries. The University has a multiprofile structure typical for classical universities. Almost 100 000 its graduates work in 190 countries, 28 000 students represent 152 countries and 450 nationalities of the world.

Founded in 1960, RUDN University is among the five best universities in Russia.

There is a wide range of educational programs at RUDN University.

  • Institute of Medicine
  • Agro-Technological Institute
  • Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Sciences
  • Institute of Law
  • Ecological Faculty
  • Institute of World Economy and Business
  • Engineering Academy
  • Faculty of Science
  • Institute of Space Technologies
  • Institute of Foreign Languages
  • Philological Faculty
  • Faculty of Economics

An academic year is divided into 2 terms of 18 weeks. The first term starts on September, 1st and the second starts in February. Students have 2 weeks vacations  in January-February and 10 weeks in July-August.

Rudn University in Russia.
Rudn University in Russia.

Education at RUDN University means:

  • the best traditions of Russian and foreign training of highly qualified personnel in the international classical university;
  • world-renowned scientists and leading scientific schools and laboratories in priority areas of science, technology and engineering;
  • opportunity to study in Network Universities (CIS, SOC etc.) and joint educational programmes with world-class universities;
  • joint supervision of Master and PhD research;

Our Central Library has a literature with about 2,500.000 volumes in many foreign languages as well as specialized libraries at the faculties, and is of free access to students. At the beginning of the term, students receive books at faculty’s library and can freely visit reading halls and internet classes whenever they need it.

Six “I” as key factors of success:

  • Innovative training
  • Interdisciplinary training
  • International training
  • Intellectual training
  • Impacting society training
  • Improving health and the lifestyle factors training
  • International training means most culturally diversified educational and research programmes, including joint Master, PhD & Bachelor programmes.

There are about 150 students’ councils at RUDN University, which are in charge of discipline, social education and student’s support. International students have their national associations.

The common language here is Russian. International students can study it during the first year at the Faculty of Russian Language and General Disciplines (preparatory faculty). There are also programs in English.

The RUDN University campus is an absolutely unique place. The student’s Campus is situated in the South-West of Moscow, and it is one of the best places for living and studying. The Hostels are situated in 5, 16 or 18-storey buildings offering self-contained rooms for 2, 3 or 4 rommates, costing from $ 980 to $ 3500 per year including water and electricity expenses, furniture, cooking and washing facilities.

The campus is 13 dorms housing almost 8 000 RUDN University students and graduate students. There is everything for comfortable life: laundries, ateliers, barber shops, stores and shops, a post-office, banks… Special reading-rooms are provided for a better preparation for studies.

To make students’ life comfortable at the University, we offer free of charge halls for fitness and training, handball, basketball and football grounds. Tennis courts and pools are also open in the campus.

The RUDN UNIVERSITY physical and recreation complex occupies a vast territory of 6500 m2, where located: Stadium with grandstands capable of hosting 3000 people (grass football field; artificial turf running roads); football and baseball stadium, 2 covered artificial turf fields for mini-football, 15 tennis courts and 36 sport sections.

After lectures and studies and on days-off students can relax and spend time with friends at numerous cafes and coffee-houses.  There are plenty of them: African, Chinese, Arab, Indian, American – they may be found in every hostel.

The University is also keen about its students’ safety. Owing to the checkpoint system and round-the-clock video supervision across the campus area nothing may hinder students’ comfortable living.

RUDN University takes care of students and teachers’ health. They get qualified medical assistance in the RUDN University Medical Centre throughout a year. It provides regular health check and care on the basis of medical insurance policy costing of $ 250 per year.

Students are advised to have some $ 300-350 per month in order to meet the costs of the meals, transport, clothes, private needs and etc.

The RUDN UNIVERSITY International Office will assist our newly admitted students.

For more information, check the university’s website: