Benkirane: Morocco’s state Tv channels are boycotting me

Benkirane: Morocco’s state Tv channels are boycotting me


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The newly appointed head of the Moroccan government, Abdellilah Benkirane, said last weekend, in the wake of a meeting with members of the youth section of the Party of Justice and Development, that Morocco’s state tv channels are boycotting him and did not feature the bilateral talks he held with various heads of states, including with French president Hollonde, among various others in the wake of the COP22.

“I thank you for coming to visit me to show solidarity in these difficult times ,” Benkirane quipped to his party’s youth members.

“I am not going through a difficult time, thank god, and I am doing very well.

“I don’t leave much my house as I don’t see why I should leave it. I receive people here or call people by phone when issues need to be fixed,” Benkirane stressed.

“People are wondering why state Tv channels did not feature the official receptions and talks [I held with various heads of states] on the sidelines of COP22.

“That’s their problem. [Benkirane used the Moroccan Darija expression Ydebrou Mekhhoum]

“If God wants me to stay in this position [as head of the Moroccan government], I will feature on TV until they’ll have enough of me.

“If God did not prescribe that scenario [of staying as head of government], then it is not a big deal.

“As far as you travel throughout the kingdom, and people are still asking you to say Salam to me, then that’s what matters the most,” Benkirane stressed.

The Moroccan Times.