Us-Russia: Deadlock on Ukraine Crisis

Us-Russia: Deadlock on Ukraine Crisis


After Hours of talks between the US secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, the two superpowers have reached no deal on the Ukrainian crisis.

Although both parties agree on the importance of a diplomatic solution over the Crimean peninsula, the US and Russia still have various differences of opinion.

Washington, Kiev and the UN General Assembly consider the referendum of Crimea and the takeover of Crimean military bases as illegal and illegitimate.


Mr Lavrov insisted that “fascists” have risen to power in Ukraine, and that Russia has to protect Russian speakers in Crimea.

The Pentagon believes that Moscow has increased their military presence on the borders with Ukraine, increasing fears of an invasion.

Sergei Lavrov has denied any plans for invasion. This last added that Ukraine should consider federalisation in a new constitution; however, John Kerry indicated that this is up to Ukrainians to decide.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry has deemed Mr Lavrov’s remarks as patronising.

The Moroccan Times.