691 individuals arrested in Casablanca

691 individuals arrested in Casablanca


The Moroccan security forces in Casablanca have arrested 691 people from Friday Night to Saturday morning. The interventions took place in different regions of the city, after the population’s dismay with the recent lack of security that Morocco’s largest city has witnessed recently.

Out of the 691 suspects, 554 have been arrested while committing a felony; mostly armed assaults, drug smuggling and the possession of different types of blades. The other 137 were wanted individuals in hiding.


A Casablanca security official insists that such interventions will continue in order to contain the escalating waves of crime in the Economic capital of the Kingdom.

These measures were prompt by strict directives that were given to the officials of the security forces by the General Director of National Security in Casablanca during a meeting.

It is important to note that such measures were taken after Casablanca residents have expressed their discontent with the performance of the city’s National Security Department, and the rise of crime in different parts of the city. An online petition has been put forward for this purpose.

The Moroccan Times.