Moroccan Tamazight League Officially Launched in Rabat

Moroccan Tamazight League Officially Launched in Rabat



Moroccan Tamazight League has been created during a ceremony, held in Rabat this weekend, under the theme “Tamazight as a pillar of the national unity and identity.”

The mission of the Moroccan Tamazight League, which brought together around forty associations, active in the field of promoting the Amazigh culture, focuses on three key areas, namely the diversity of the national identity, communion between the different national elements, and the contribution to the implementation of the Tamazight Language’s official character.

The League denounces any extremism in defending this national cause “We stand against all forms of extremism, and any other event that may affect the common values ​​shared by all Moroccans”, declared by the League.

The Moroccan Times