Joutnalist At Attajdid Newspaper Phisically Assaulted By Security Forces

Joutnalist At Attajdid Newspaper Phisically Assaulted By Security Forces



The recent report of Freedom House which ranked Morocco 147 out of 197 countries may have not been wrong in denouncing the current state of journalism in the Kingdom.

On Wednesday, while covering a police intervention against unemployed protesters in Rabat, Yassir Makhtoum a journalist of Attajdid Newspaper, media gate of the ruling Justice and Development Party (PJD), was attacked by police members.

According to Aufait news outlet, through his Facebook account, the journalist informs that a law enforcement officer asked for his national identity card as well as his press card. After presenting them, the officer called for the two policemen, who allegedly “assaulted” and “insulted” him, before boarding the police van, where “aggression continued”.

Upon arrival to the police station, an official report was already prepared, accusing the journalist of defamation and assault on a police member, which the journalist refused to sign. Mr. Makhtoum was invited to leave the station’s premises afterwards.

According to the reporter, he went to the nearest hospital as he suffered trauma in the levels of his neck and head.

He also adds that he intends to file a complaint to the Ministry of Communication and Ministry of Justice and Freedoms.

The Moroccan Times.