Moroccan Rapper “L7a9ed” Arrested Again

Moroccan Rapper “L7a9ed” Arrested Again



Moroccan Rapper and political activist among the 20th of February movement “L7a9ed” has been arrested shortly before the Raja of Casablanca and Maghreb Atletico Tetouan Game.

He was accused by the prosecutor of the court of first instance in Ain Sebaâ for “selling tickets in the black market”, “being drunk in a public space” and “violence against a police officer while performing his duties”, reports multiple Moroccan media sources.

The 26 year old rapper is scheduled to appear Thursday at 1pm before court in the Ain Sebaâ district of Casablanca. Since Wednesday, Mouad Belghouat (his real name) is imprisoned in Oukacha.

This arrest provoked strong reactions in social networks, where several major names in the artistic scene in Morocco have denounced this act and the recurring arbitrary arrests he has been subject to. Such names included Reda Allali, lead singer of Hoba Hoba Spirit as well as a writer for Telquel, and Moroccan rapper Mobydick who is also known as Lmoutchou.

It is important to note that in February, Mouad has tried to get a new album titled “Walou” into the market, however, its presentation has been banned at the last minute.

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