Mohammed V Airport: 5 Kg of Crack Seized

Mohammed V Airport: 5 Kg of Crack Seized



Elements of the judicial police at Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca have arrested a Congolese national travelling to Kinshasa from the Brazilian city of São Paulo with possession of 5 kilograms of crack, reports L’Economiste and Aufait News outlets.

In a press statement, the head of the Judicial Police at the airport, Abdelhadi Siba, declared that this is the first time that the police has seized a quantity of this form of cocaine that was the subject to chemical modifications in order to extract up to four times its original weight, and increase the effect of the drug before selling it.

The same source adds that the drug was carefully concealed at the bottom of two large suitcases that belonged to the Congolese national.

The drug, after its discovery, was submitted to the National Laboratory for the Scientific and Technical Police in Casablanca in order to define the components of the drug with precision.

The arrested individual will be brought before the Public Prosecutor for possession and trafficking of hard drugs.

The Moroccan Times.