Assid Misses Seminar Due To Death Threat

Assid Misses Seminar Due To Death Threat


Moroccan researcher Ahmed Assid did not attend a series of seminars organised by the center “Madinati” in cooperation with the municipal council of the city of Ait Melloul, reports Alyaoum24.

This is due to the death threat he may be facing after Abu Naim called for his killing in a video that circulates social media, due to Assid’s secular views that Abu Naim qualifies as apostasy.

As a sign of protest, organisers of the event have chose to put a sign on Assid’s supposed-to-be-chair quoting: “Terrorist threats made us miss the presence of professor Ahmed Assid”.

Assid was supposed to take part of the first episode of a discussion about the “Civil actor and questions regarding democratic modernity and human rights”.

The Moroccan Times.