Foreign Investments: Morocco Ranked 4th in the Arab World.

Foreign Investments: Morocco Ranked 4th in the Arab World.



According to a report on the investment climate in the Arab world published by The Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation in Kuwait, Morocco has attracted 3.4 billion dollars of foreign investments. This makes Morocco the 4th Arab country in terms of attracting foreign investments with a percentage of 6.9% of the total flow to the Arab countries.

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia topped the list with more than 40% of total flows to the Arab world. According to the same report, UAE attracted more than 10 billion dollars and Saudi Arabia attracted 9 billion dollars. They were followed by Egypt in third position by a total of 5.6 billion dollars.

The report also notes that foreign investments in Arab countries decreased by 9% compared to 2012 and only represent 3.3% of total global investments and 6.2% of total investments made in developing countries.

The main investors in the Arab world are France, Kuwait, the USA, UAE, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Japan, the Netherlands, China and Germany.

The Moroccan Times.