Morocco: Rock Star Robert Plant Bribes Traffic Officers To Avoid A Speeding...

Morocco: Rock Star Robert Plant Bribes Traffic Officers To Avoid A Speeding Ticket



Rock star and ex-lead vocalist of the famous rock band Led Zeppelin (check out his video underneath when performing in the early 90’s  in Marrakesh’s Jamma Lafna) recalls his encounter with traffic officers in Morocco during an interview with the British magazine Uncut, and relayed by

The rock legend was pulled over on May 14th for exceeding the speed limit and was ordered to pay a 500 dirhams fine. Mr Plant chose to go the other way and pay the officers the sum they asked for in order to avoid the speeding ticket.

Plant tells Uncut magazine, ‘I got nicked for speeding in Morocco… Two cops said I was doing whatever it was. I said in French, ‘I don’t think so. The sun was in your eyes.’ They said, ‘It’s 500 dirhams. Go and sit in the car.’

“Finally they called me over into the coolness underneath a stanchion and said, ‘How much do you want to give us?’ I said, ‘How much do you think you should be taking from me?’ They held the 500 I’d given them and said, ‘Take what you want.’ I said, ‘No, give me what you think you should.’

“They’re looking at each other going, ‘He doesn’t seem like a bad guy.’ So I said, ‘The sky is blue and everything in the world is fine.’ As soon as I said that, 300 dirham came straight back. It was great, those moments where you’re just playing with people and they’re playing with you.”

The Moroccan Times.