Kick Off of the Fifth Moroccan-Russian Commission in Rabat

Kick Off of the Fifth Moroccan-Russian Commission in Rabat

king mohammed VI russia morocco vladimir putin
King Mohammed VI of Morocco greeting Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The fifth session of the Moroccan-Russian Commission started on Monday in Rabat. This event, eagerly awaited by the business community of the two countries coincides with a period marked by strong tensions between Russia and the West about the situation in Ukraine. On Saturday, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk went on saying that the goal of Russian President Vladimir Putin is to “eliminate Ukraine entirely.”

The Ukrainian issue will certainly be discussed during this session of the Moroccan-Russian commission in Rabat. As reported by Al Alam, there is a historical opportunity for Morocco to diversify its foreign partnerships especially with Russia already absorbing 15% of food exports of the kingdom.

According to the business daily Eco, the National Foreign Trade Council (NCCC) counted billions of dollars of food imports that need to be filled by Russia following the embargo against the West. Moscow has previously imposed an embargo on food products (meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables …) from the countries of the European Union, the United States, Canada and Australia following the sanctions that these countries have adopted against Russia after its intervention in Ukraine. Russia imports 35% of its food needs, and imports from boycotted countries amounted to $ 155 billion in 2013.

The stakes in this fifth session of the Moroccan-Russian commission are significant. Several partnership agreements will be signed to boost cooperation between the two countries. Moroccan officials and private operators are called upon to promote the Moroccan label and the ability of the kingdom to meet the needs of the Russian market.

The Moroccan Times.