5-Year-Old Boy Sexually Abused Against 2DHs

5-Year-Old Boy Sexually Abused Against 2DHs

5-Year-Old Boy Sexually Abused Against 2DHs. Photo from Archive.
5-Year-Old Boy Sexually Abused Against 2DHs. Photo from Archive.

The King’s attorney General at the Court of Appeal of Casablanca initiated legal proceedings against a man, in his fifties, who is accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old boy against the very modest sum of 2 dirhams (around 0.25$), the Moroccan daily Assabah reported in its weekend edition.

It all started when a good Samaritan, who happens to live in the neighborhood and who is a good friend of the boy’s mother, noticed that the child was scratching his anal area constantly when playing nearby the house. This has raised doubts and the mother’s friend did not hesitate one second when it came to informing the boy’s mother about her suspicions.

According to Assabah, when the mother and her friend asked the child if someone was abusing him, the child burst into tears and kept repeating constantly “He’ll kill me, He’ll Kill me,” without disclosing the name of the rapist.

After they solaced the child and insisted that nothing will happen to him, he ended up revealing the name of the abuser, who was none but their neighbor.

To ensure his silence, the rapist threatened to kill him if he ventured to disclose his secret. The boy was so afraid that he did remain silent and continued to be sexually assaulted by the neighbor.

In shock, the family called members of an association of child protection, who in turn alerted the authorities about the case.

The authorities decided to bait a hook, without waking the pedophile’s suspicions. Then, right after that the pedophile took the bait, the police elements intervened and arrested him.

Assabah added that the rapist had abused the minor to the point that he caused him severe anal fissure (fissure-in-ano).

The forensic certificate issued to his family by the doctor who inspected the 5-year-old boy in the Ibn Rushd hospital of Casablanca (CHU Ibn Rushd) confirms that the rapist caused the 5-year-old boy severe anal fissure.

The daily added that the rapist is an ex-convict who has a long history in theft and drug trafficking.

Confronted with the boy’s statements, the pedophile admitted committing the evil acts.

The 5-year-old boy said that the pedophile raped him five times. The last time was last Monday, Assabah reported.

The first time, the rapist gave the boy 2 dirhams in exchange of fulfilling his sick vices, a very modest sum which the little kid innocently accepted.

The Moroccan Times.