British Gay: “Morocco’s Prisons Are a Like Concentration Camps”

British Gay: “Morocco’s Prisons Are a Like Concentration Camps” [Video Included]

Ray Cole
Ray Cole in the arms of his family at the Gatwick Airport.

Ray Cole, the 69-year-old British gay who was jailed in Morocco for “homosexual acts” with a 20-year-old Moroccan called Jamal Wald Nass, was released after that his case triggered a media sensation in the United Kingdom.

Back-then when they were arrested, Ray and Jamal were incarcerated though not caught red-handed committing “lewd acts.” After suspecting them, the authorities scrutinized Cole’s phone and discovered “homosexual images” on the device.

Cole already made his way back to the United Kingdom, mainly thanks to his family who started an online campaign that drew people from all over the world to his case.

He received a heroic reception when he landed at the Gatwick Airport.

When a BBC reporter asked him about his experience in a Moroccan jail (check the video underneath), he replied saying the following:

“It is a total nightmare. I’ve seen things I never knew existed. It’s not a prison, it’s a concentration camp.”

“People who live there are from the age of ten to eighties and nineties for nothing.”

Cole added that he taught he would be transferred to another prison, “but then they [The Moroccan authorities] said they were sending me home.”

“And they offered me the choice of spending the night in Marrakesh or getting the next flight [home],” and he seized the opportunity and went right away to his homeland.

His Moroccan sexual partner Jamal is still in prison, Cole said.

“But I think the judge might have to release him too,” he added.

“I’m terribly sorry about him – I want to do anything I can [to help him].

“They seemed to think that I was some kind of sex tourist, but I’m not and I wasn’t – and I won’t leave this, I can’t.”

Mr. Cole’s family said they would be doing all they can to release Jamal.

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