Morocco Launches National Plan of Prevention Against Ebola

Morocco Launches National Plan of Prevention Against Ebola

Moroccan Health Minister Louardi
Moroccan Minister of Health, Mr. Louardi

Moroccan Health Minister Louardi announced on Wednesday that Morocco has set up a national plan to prevent the entry of the Ebola virus to the country. He added that no case of Ebola was detected so far in the kingdom.

The plan includes a series of measures mainly aimed at the early detection of infection. Health minister also noted that airports and planes have been equipped with thermal cameras to spot infected travelers. Four laboratories have also been equipped with quick analysis equipment for potentially infected people.

The Ministry of Health has also established a free telephone line to “answer questions from citizens.” Other measures were also taken to diagnose and provide health care for sick people.

Louardi has also added that Morocco is closely monitoring the situation of 39 citizens of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea who entered the Moroccan soil.

The Moroccan Times.