Algerian Soldiers Shoot and Severly Injure Moroccans at Border

Algerian Soldiers Shoot and Severly Injure Moroccans at Border


The Moroccan authorities said on Saturday that an Algerian soldier had fired on 10 Moroccan civilians in the north east border with Algeria, severely wounding one of them.

As a matter of fact, as the following images show, the Moroccan citizen was shot in the face and in the eyes, yet he miraculously survived.

shot in the face

The bullet completely destroyed his nose. He is right now lying in the Al-Farabi hospital of Oujda.

Following this tragic turn of events, Morocco has summoned the Algerian ambassador in Rabat “for an explanation” and “to condemn the shooting in the face of a Moroccan citizen.”

Communication Minister Mustapha Khalfi told reporters the following:

“Morocco condemns, with the strongest terms, the irresponsible acts of the Algerian army.”

“Today at noon at the border point of Oulad Slaleh, an Algerian soldier fired three times on Moroccan civilians and injured badly one of them.”

He further noted that Morocco is asking for explanations “as dictated by the international law.”

Minister of Interior Mohammed Hassad said the incident raised concerns over Algeria’s behavior on the border, “especially that the shooting in the eye and nose of the victim clearly shows that the Algerian soldiers intended to kill the Moroccan citizen.”

Hassad condemned, as well, with the strongest terms this event and said that “it could lead to more serious incidents.”

Hassad said that calls to discuss common border procedures have been ignored by the Algerian authorities.

The Moroccan Times.