Canada to Start Shelling ISIS by November

Canada to Start Shelling ISIS by November

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Canada announced that they are joining the coalition to fight ISIS and that they will start shelling early next month. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper considers “ISIS combat mission” needed in order to protect the safety of Canadians.

Jason Macdonald, spokesman for Prime Minister Harper, said that basing and logistical details are being finalized with the allies, noting that there are about 60 countries contributing to the coalition effort and that requires co-ordination of both tasks and basing.

It was also reported that Canadian warplanes will operate from an airfield in Kuwait. Details with the host country concerning landing rights, delivery of weapons and accommodation and security are being worked out. Arrangements for a supply of aviation fuel for Canadian planes are also being made.

General Tom Lawson, chief of Canada’s defense staff, said that the airstrikes conducted against ISIS are forcing the jihadist group to change its tactics and have already blunted its advances.

The objectives from the six month combat mission according to Lawson are to stop advancing ISIS forces, and once that is done, to eliminate their ability to be a threat in the region by destroying their weapons and munitions.

General Jonathan Vance, responsible for the operations, said that ISIS fighters possess the “full range of conventional weapons” that most battlefield armies have along with some tanks, artillery, machine guns and some limited surface-to-air missile capability. Vance also added that he does not believe ISIS can pose a significant military threat to Canada or other coalition members.

Earlier this month, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands joined the coalition against ISIS and carried out their first missions over Iraq.

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