Benkirane: “I am Not An Islamist”

Benkirane: “I am Not An Islamist”

abdellilah benkirane
Morocco’s Head of the Government Abdellilah Benkirane.

In an interview given to ASHARQ AL-AWSAT newspaper, Morocco’s head of the government Abdellilah Benkirane answered a question aboutwhether the perceived-Islam-values-inspired PJD party will put restrictions on the individual liberties of Moroccans or not?”

Benkirane answered saying that “Moroccans elected me as head of the government to solve their problems, not to poke my nose in their personal liberties,” stressing that “religion is a personal matter. The management of all affairs related to religion is under the supervision of the commander of the faithful [King Mohammed VI].”

Benkirane further noted that when he was appointed head of the government, he did not think of himself as a prophet carrying a message to deliver.

“I am not an Islamist,” Benkirane added.

“I am only a Muslim. I am doing my best to follow the right path, and I won’t pretend that I am always successful in that endeavor,” Benkirane closed.

The Moroccan Times.