Benkirane: legalizing consensual sexual relations in Morocco is political suicide

Benkirane: legalizing consensual sexual relations in Morocco is political suicide


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Abdelilah Benkirane, the Secretary-General of the Justice and Development Party in Morocco, has publicly criticized the Minister of Justice, Abdelatif Ouahbi, for proposing reforms to the country’s criminal law that relate to consensual sexual relations.

Benkirane has called on Prime Minister, Aziz Akhenouch, “to silence his Minister Ouahbi, who has been very vocal recently about legalizing it.”

Benkirane believes that talking about consensual sexual relations is political suicide and that it detracts from the more pressing issues Morocco currently faces.

“it is political suicide for anyone to speak about this matter. It is smart to talk about such a subject when people have what to eat, drink, and can enjoy their lives,” Benkirane stressed.

“yet we are in the midst of a crisis in Morocco, and he comes to talk to Moroccans about adultery and the corruption of morals?” Benkirane questioned.

“Moroccans are concerned about the high price of onions and potatoes and you preach them about consensual sexual relationships, that is, fornication?” Benkirane wondered.

“What is he going to tell God and the Moroccans!? Do you want to change the Quran for us, bring us a decree to change the Quran for us !!? And then change the words of Allah, the Almighty, when He said in the Quran “‘Do not go near adultery. It is truly a shameful deed and an evil way’,” Benkirane said reciting a verse from the Quran.

Benkirane went on further to stress that “the current Moroccan law does not prohibit consensual sexual relations,” further noting that the authorities intervene when “there is a dispute (cases of crime, marriage infidelity, etc),” warning the Minister of Justice that “if you continue with your bragging about the law, people will start to implement their own laws (leading to the increase of honor crimes)”

The Moroccan Times.