Benkirane: “Reports in the News On Ending Subsidizing Butane Gas Not True”...

Benkirane: “Reports in the News On Ending Subsidizing Butane Gas Not True” [Video Included]



Various leading news outlets in Morocco, including Hespress and Al-Yaoum 24, shared reports this week saying that Morocco is on the verge of stopping the direct subsidizing of the butane gas.

Nevertheless, Morocco’s head of the government refuted the claims during today’s weekly government council meeting (check the video above) and said: ” I am wondering why do some people spread such rumors.”

“Apparently, some people who work in the government circle spread those rumors,” Benkirane noted.

“Those people aim to spread fear and panic (Mouchawichine) and I wonder what is their aim behind this,” Benkirane added.

“This is not the first time that such things happen [spreading false rumors]. Those people [working in the government circle] seem to be organized and spread rumors in a unified way by contacting all leading media at the same time.”

“What you heard is all but true,” Benkirane stressed.

“We will stop subsidizing the butane gas only when we will find a way to secure the assistance of all Moroccans in need of subsidy.”

“When this will happen, I will myself take to the media and share the news.”

The Moroccan Times.