Quality Concerns Over Gas Canisters in Moroccan Market

Quality Concerns Over Gas Canisters in Moroccan Market



Casablanca, Morocco (TMT)- Amid Moroccan citizens raising concerns over the weight and quality of gas canisters available in the market, the Moroccan Consumer Rights Association conducted a field investigation.

This issue has gained attention and was even brought up in parliament, with suspicions raised against some gas distribution companies for cheating in weight and selling canisters with less gas than advertised.

The results of the investigation found that the weight of five large canisters from various companies in different regions of the kingdom was compliant with the weight regulations dating back to 1951 and 1955.

However, the association has urged for the need to activate monitoring mechanisms to ensure that canisters meet safety and quality standards.

They also called for a review of the legal texts that govern the sector, given the rapidly changing nature of the market.

The association said it was unable to verify the quality of the gas due to the absence of an accredited laboratory.

The Moroccan Times.