After Referring to Benkirane As “Hitler,” Lachgar Calls Him This Time “Gaddafi”

After Referring to Benkirane As “Hitler,” Lachgar Calls Him This Time “Gaddafi”

driss lachgar
Driss Lachgar, the Secretary General of the USFP.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Few months after referring to Morocco’s head of the government, Abdellilah Benkirane as “Hitler” in a Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) party rally in Agadir, the Secretary General of the USFP, Driss Lachgar, referred yesterday to Benkirane as “gaddafi” in the wake of a talk he gave in the École de gouvernance et d’économie de Rabat (EGE).

“While speaking during the monthly general policy session in the Moroccan Parliament, Benkirane insulted us to avoid being questioned by the opposition about stressing matters,” Lachgar said.

“And then, when we asked him to retract his statements, he starting waving with his hands like Gaddafi,” Lachgar furiously added.

“That way of raising your hands is only performed by dictators.

“Mursi did the same and Gaddafi did the same. It shows how dictator the man is,” Lachgar said.

Lachgar was referring to Benkirane’s last appearance in the Moroccan parliament, an event which witnessed the Moroccan parliament turning into a ring of box, or as some local news outlets called: “A Moroccan Hamam.”

The Moroccan Times.