Moroccan Gay Chopped His Partner’s Penis off After He Discovered He Had...

Moroccan Gay Chopped His Partner’s Penis off After He Discovered He Had Cheated On Him

Image for Illustration purposes only.
Image for Illustration purposes only.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The story you are about to read may sound unpalatable to your ear, especially if the one takes into consideration that homosexuality is forbidden in Muslim-country Morocco, yet the event indeed occurred this morning in the very, deemed-conservative, city of Tangier.

A jealous gay in the said city chopped off his cheating partner’s penis with a sharp knife, before he started beating him in the head to the point he caused him severe head injuries.

The event occurred early morning (around 6 AM.local time) in a herbs shop located in the Beni makada neighborhood, apparently owned by the victim.

Few minutes after the event, while the victim was lying unconscious in a pool of blood, locals (probably customers) entered the shop after finding the door open.

Yet, to their surprise, they were shocked at the sight of the scene, which triggered them to alert the authorities, including the emergency medical services, on the fly.

The authorities took in extreme urgency the victim to a local hospital while his penis, found few minutes after by a policeman, was handed to a doctor after it was transporter to the hospital it in a bottle of water.

Local witnesses said that the perpetrator was arrested. He will be presented before a court in the upcoming days.

An early investigation with the perpetrator revealed that he committed the said act after the victim betrayed him with another man, an acquaintance of the two of them, and especially after the victim told the perpetrator that he “doesn’t want to see him ever again.”

The victim is doing better now, but early results indicate that he is suffering from heavy skull injuries.

No information was communicated about whether the victim’s penis was surgically reattached to his body or not.

The Moroccan Times.