King Mohammed VI: The Moroccan Module after Sixteen Years

King Mohammed VI: The Moroccan Module after Sixteen Years


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Washington, District of Columbia-Every year, on July 30th, the Kingdom of Morocco celebrates the occasion of the ascending to the throne of the Moroccan Monarch. This year was no difference in regards to the occasion itself, but listening to the King’s speech to the nation; one can only conclude that the country is on the right track and is deeply determined to continue on the path of reforms set by His Majesty. King Mohammed VI made the development of the country along with its political and social institutions a priority since he succeeded his father late King Hassan II.

This year’s speech was a powerful one; a speech many Moroccans were anticipating it and could not wait for a direct interference of the Monarch to solve all suspended issues. It seems that Moroccans have lost every single hope and faith in the government, civil servants, local and regional authorities. The speech came at a very much-needed time.

King Mohammed VI called for developing an integrated action plan in order to provide variety of means of financing infrastructure projects and basic social services, whether in the field of education, health, water, electricity, roads, rural and other sectors that suffer from the shortfall, with the priority to be given to regions in desperate need. The Moroccan Monarch pointed out that although there were many important achievements, yet it remains insufficient for the country, as long as there is a class suffering from the harsh conditions of life, and feel that, they are marginalized, despite all efforts, stressing his commitment that all citizens benefit from the bounties of the country. He stressed out that the well-being of Moroccans is his number one priority and will forever work restlessly to deliver prosperity to all, more especially those residing in remote areas and those who feel that they are part of this great nation.

Moroccans of the world were not forgotten in the king’s speech, he finally brought them justice. For decades, the Moroccan diaspora round the world suffered a great deal every time they had to deal with the Moroccan Consulates to solve their administrative and official documents. A poor service and lack of professionalism what made many Moroccans complain and write to the Moroccan Monarch. King Mohammed VI gave his strict orders to the Minister of Foreign Affairs to dismiss any Moroccan official who is proven to provide poor performance of his duties and only recruit those who can fulfill their duties and meet the needs of Moroccans residing overseas.

This is a victory to millions of Moroccans living abroad after years of torture and psychological trauma cause by the Moroccan consulates worldwide. Moroccan diplomats were always under the impression that they are on an open leave for the duration of their tour. Time is up for those who decry, loiter, and given short shrift to the interests of the people.

There is no doubt that there is a frightening decline in the level of education in Morocco. Such a decline is reflected in the society and how it turns out to be. In his speech, King Mohammed VI stressed the urgent need for fundamental reform of the education sector. The King ordered for a development of a comprehensive strategic perspective for a serious educational reform in the country. He stressed that the education reform, which is vital and crucial sector, remains the mainstay of development of the Moroccan society; there should be no social and institutional advancement without possessing a well-educated Moroccans. The King highlighted that the education reform must remain away from selfishness, and any political calculations that will jeopardize the future of the younger generations, under the pretext and excuse of maintaining the Moroccan identity. Morocco’s future, therefore, depends on the level of education provided to its youth.  The Monarch encouraged and urged Moroccans to open up to different cultures and learn foreign languages. Such a learning will certainly enrich the knowledge and have an impact on introducing Morocco to new horizons.

The speech was an occasion for the King to emphasize on the Moroccan stand within the international community. Morocco’s unity is a red line and the Moroccan diplomacy has proven its caliber promoting the country’s concrete proposal to solve the issue of the Southern territories. The international community warmly welcomed such a proposal, while the other party is trying to put blockades to rationalism in the conflict.

Morocco has been active diplomatically for over a decade now and has set firm strategies to expand regionally, continentally and globally. The diplomatic wheel did not cease to find new international partners to find new markets and encourage investments. This gained Morocco an outstanding reputation in managing its international policies wisely; policies that gained Morocco more friends and earned its Monarch and government an indisputable respect.

Many Moroccans around the world have been campaigning for years and years to make their voices heard. Their sense or inequity and injustice has finally found a listening ear. Moroccans do indeed love their country unconditionally and never lost their ties with the Royal institutions that forever represented them well at all levels. It seems, however, that the core of the issue lies within the political apparatus. The latter abused and ridiculed people’s rights in a pathetic way.

This should be a wake-up call to all Moroccans to think twice before casting their votes in the next general elections. The era of opportunist who fool their constituents and betray their country is gone. Morocco is now building a new transparent era wherein every citizen holds his fate in his hands while choosing their representatives.

Moroccans also showed that they could hold the key to change in the country by acting as watchdog for the actions of the government and officials. With a proper use of social media and possessing the necessary tools to act as such, Moroccans can actually become an influential force within the Moroccan political system. We write, we speak, we campaign, and it seems sometimes that what we do falls into deaf ears, but with this year’s speech, this was proven wrong. There is always someone watching and listening to the concerns of people, and it is just a matter of time before we get issues solved. Patience sometimes is a virtue.

However, There is a tremendous responsibility on Moroccans’ shoulders in the light of the recent social disorder and the rise of the crime ratio in the country. We cannot and we will never build a healthy society if certain individuals remain focus to destroy what millions are trying to build. It is our country and we cannot always rely of the government to do things for us. We should take the initiative and educate one another on how to learn to coexist and forgive; we have to learn how to show compassion to one another and to live as one. It is our Morocco and we should all contribute to its social, economic and political development. If we always rely on others to do the job for us and become consumers only, then any reform will simply not work. The change out to begin from thyself, and through it the surrounding before we can see the good reigning over the society at large.

All in all, this year’s Royal speech met the expectations of millions of Moroccans. King Mohammed VI proved his presence heavily and showed the willingness to step up should members of the government fail to deliver and perform their duties. He proved that he is the sole guarantor of people’s rights and privileges, while many civil servants and government officials loiter and abuse their power. The King responded well to people’s demands and he did not disappoint their expectations, and with him at the helm of the political power, Moroccans can rest assured that no matter how much they might struggle due to some ignorant and incompetent official, the King will step up and take charge of ensuring justice is served to all.

Fellow Moroccans, remember that Morocco is US and We Shall Forever Be Morocco..

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