Moroccans and Dutch tourists stranded in Morocco are begging King Mohammed VI...

Moroccans and Dutch tourists stranded in Morocco are begging King Mohammed VI for help

A Moroccan-Dutch kissing King Mohammed VI in his cheek during his visit to Amsterdam. Image from archive.
A Moroccan-Dutch kissing King Mohammed VI in his cheek during his visit to Amsterdam in 2016. Image from archive.

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Rabat, Morocco (TMT)-  Hundreds of Moroccans residing in the Netherlands, including Dutch tourists, stranded in Morocco following the kingdom’s decision to close its borders in an attempt to curb COVID-19, have written a letter to the Moroccan monarch, King Mohammed VI, begging him to personally intervene to find a solution that will lift their suffering.

Moroccans residing in the Netherlands hold king Mohammed VI really high in their eyes and failed not in showcasing their affection and love to him during the monarch’s last visit to Amsterdam a few years ago, with a huge number of them gathering around the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Amsterdam where he stayed to celebrate him, as the featured photo illustrates.

As follow, the full text of the letter they wrote to King Mohammed VI, as received by The Moroccan Times:

Peace be with you, Mawlanna Imam, may Victory and Support come to You

And also,


After showing the required obedience and loyalty appropriate to Your Majesty, we, Your loyal subjects based in the Netherlands, are currently residing in our beloved country of Morocco. We ask Your Majesty to intervene and find a solution to our return to the country of residence, the Netherlands, as we are stranded in Morocco as a result of the measures taken to combat the emerging Coronavirus.

Commander of the Believers, we fully understand these measures taken, however, these measures have the consequence that we, Moroccans living in the Netherlands as well as Dutch tourists, are no longer able to return to the Netherlands. As a result, we are confronted with the following situations:

  • Sick and elderly people who need medicines are running out of medicines that are not available here;
  • Parents are abruptly separated from their children, which entails various psychological complications;
  • Workers and entrepreneurs cannot meet their obligations, which can negatively impact the future of business projects and job retention.
  • Financial resources are running out, as most of us are visiting beloved Morocco for a short period of time and have not expected a long stay of this order.

Your Majesty, Commander of the Faithful, We, your loyal subjects and Dutch tourists, all fall under one or more of the distressing cases mentioned above. That is why we ask and beg for your kindness and humanity. Our hearts are crying and longing for our families as the Holy and Blessed Month of Ramadan begins within a few days.

We beg Your Majesty of the Believers, Majesty the King to unite us with our loved ones and those who need us.

Your Majesty, may God preserve you, and may God bestow health and well-being to You, Prince Hassan, and Your loved ones.

With peaceful regards,

Your nationals living in the Netherlands who currently reside in Morocco, and

the Dutch tourists