King Mohammed VI to Meet Czech President Milos Zeman

King Mohammed VI to Meet Czech President Milos Zeman

King Mohammed VI of Morocco
King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- King Mohammed VI will be meeting this afternoon the Czech President Milos Zeman at the Prague Castle.

During his visit to Prague, which started last Friday, King Mohammed VI was accommodated in the Four Seasons hotel.

King Mohammed VI was able to meet some Moroccans visiting Prague for tourism purposes and others living there permanently.

According to non official sources, King Mohammed VI is expected to discuss with Zeman an array of issues, including that of repatriating some Moroccan migrants who reached the Czech republic with fake Syrian passports in guise of “Syrian refugees” fleeing the war in Syria.

Said migrants were en route to Germany, but their plans were laid bare after getting arrested by the local authorities.

King Mohammed is expected to return to Morocco next Wednesday.

The Moroccan Times.