Moroccan Police Shoots Knife-wielding Criminals in Fes: Video

Moroccan Police Shoots Knife-wielding Criminals in Fes: Video


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Moroccan authorities shot two knife-wielding criminals who were threatening the locals of a neighborhood in the old Medina of Fes.

Officers began arriving at the scene when they got reports of the critical situation.

Once they arrived, the authorities ordered the two criminals several times to drop their knifes, but with no avail.

And then when the two criminals threatened to kill the police officers, those latter resorted to shoot the two criminals in their legs, in a bet to neutralize them.

Even if both criminals were shot down, they still continued to threaten the authorities waging their knifes in the air, including cursing the police officers.

The event occurred on Sunday afternoon, on the eve of the Eid celebration day in Morocco.

The two criminals were disheveled looking and didn’t seem to be very well composed, leading to the hypothesis that they were on drugs.

No officer was hurt in the incident.

The officers seem to have handled the situation very well.

Both criminals were taken to a hospital, where they were initially listed in a critical situation.

Police said their condition has been stabilized.

The Moroccan Times.