more COVID-19 infections in Morocco’s Fes military base

more COVID-19 infections in Morocco’s Fes military base

Members of the "Hadar Operation." Image from archive.
Members of the “Hadar Operation.” Image from archive.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Few days following Morocco’s Dhar Al Mahraz military base turning into a cluster of COVID-19 infections, more have tested positive yesterday.

Moroccan paper Akhbar Al Yaoum is reporting that yesterday 27 more military men, all belonging to the country’s “Operation Hadar,”  tested positive.

The paper stated that the Moroccan authorities have been on high alert, given the actual situation.

The first and second rounds of tests initially revealed that around 30 military personnel have contracted the secret killer, COVID-19.

Patient zero was a 40-year-old man, who passed away last week.

He had underlying health conditions and was admitted quite late to a local hospital after he thought he only had a fever.

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