Morocco’s Legzira beach arc collapse: Who’s to Blame?

Morocco’s Legzira beach arc collapse: Who’s to Blame?



Starting from mid September, rocks started falling rapidly, before the arc finally crumbled last week, a local of Sidi Ifni told The Moroccan Times.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Following the collapse of one of Lagzira beach’s arcs last week, various Moroccans took to social media platforms to criticize the authorities for not shoring up the arc, especially that they [The authorities] knew that it was doomed to fall down as they put a sign nearby warning tourists about the constant collapse of small rocks from the arc.

More than that, six months ago, a large crack appeared on the southern side of the arch as a chunk of it fell off, meaning they were well aware it was going to fall sooner than latter.

A local of the city of Sidi Ifni, who spoke to the Moroccan Times on the condition of anonymity, said that “the local officials are to blame for this loss.”

“We knew that the arc would fall at one point of time. The authorities were aware of that but did not take any concrete measures against this. A chunk of the arc fell off last March. Then, they decided to only put a sign warning tourists about the constantly falling rocks, but did not take any concrete measures to shore up the arc.

“Then starting from mid September, rocks started falling rapidly, and no body moved a finger.

“They could have done something to shore it up, but they decided not to, out of nonchalance maybe,” the Sidi Ifni local told us.

The Moroccan Times.