2 officials suspended after beating a young man in Marrakesh

2 officials suspended after beating a young man in Marrakesh

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members of the Moroccan Auxiliary Forces. Image for illustration purposes. Youtube screengrab.

Marrakesh, Morocco (TMT)- Two members of the Moroccan Auxiliary Forces, well-known in Morocco under the colloquial connotation Mroud or Mkhaznia, were suspended from their job following the emergence of a video documenting them beating up a young man.

The authorities said the event occurred last Wednesday in the vicinity of Marakesh, further noting that the two Mrouds resorted to violence as the young man was initially arrested for not adhering to Morocco’s state of emergency measures, and then he attempted to run away from the scene.

The authorities said the young man’s acts cannot legitimize the act of violence against him.

The authorities said the two will be suspended from their duties and will be presented before a disciplinary board in the upcoming days.

Worth mentioning that said video was shared heavily on Facebook and other social media platforms in Morocco, triggering a wave of condemnation against the acts of the two Mrouds.

The Moroccan Times.