Morocco Busts mostly-minor-girls NISIS Terrorist Cell: video

Morocco Busts mostly-minor-girls NISIS Terrorist Cell: video


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) foiled a NISIS (Not-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) all-female 10 members terrorist cell, which planned to perpetrate a terrorist attack in the kingdom on elections day.

During a press conference, Abdelhak El Khiyam, the head of the BCIJ, said that the all-female cell pledged allegiance to the terrorist organization NISIS.

The women were arrested in the following Moroccan cities: Kenitra, Tan Tan, Sidi Slimane, Sale, Tangier, Oulad Taima, Zagora and Sidi Taibi.

According to El Khiyam, 7 from the 10 arrested women are minors.

The head of Morocco’s BCIJ stressed that some of them were lured to NISIS thanks to the family ties they have with Moroccan fighters who had joined Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

“The terrorist organization has moved now to lure minors, girls who don’t have yet the mental abilities to differentiate the good from the bad,” El Khiyam stressed in the wake of a press conference he held in Rabat last monday.

“Some of those young girls even started making artisanal bombs.

“They [NISIS terrorists] played on their minds, and some of them [arrested minors] married virtually with some of the terrorists based in Iraq and Syria,” El Khiyam added.

“We have been following this terrorist cell for a period of time now.

“But we decided to intervene now as they planned terrorist attacks on the 7th of October, on elections day.

“I am pretty sure there are other Moroccan girls in contact with terrorists from Iraq and Syria via social media platforms, we need to keep vigilant,” El Khiyam said.

The nabbing of this all-girls terrorist cell hallmarks a change in NISIS’s modus-operandi in Morocco.

The Moroccan Times.