King Mohammed VI – New Statesman on African Horizon!

King Mohammed VI – New Statesman on African Horizon!


The sustained efforts of Morocco to join the African Union (AU) paid dividends under the leadership of the charismatic King Mohammed VI. Morocco is now the 55th member of the African Union. It is a mutually beneficial decision for Morocco and the AU as it allows new frontiers of cooperation among member states. Morocco is one of the most developed nations in the African continent, which can nurture the seeds of development in the developing countries like Ethiopia, Congo, Gambia, the Central African Republic (CAR) and other countries. Morocco’s successful bid to join the AU would not have been possible but for the dynamic leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

‘The continent of Africa and Morocco should celebrate the emergence of King Mohammed VI as a new statesman on the African continent. The AU was in dire need of leadership. Nelson Mandela is history but King Mohammed is the future’!

The blessed monarch of Morocco put his best foot forward, set aside the protocol to witness the historic moment and spoke about how dear Africa is to his heart. He called Africa his home. Verily, it is his home! King Mohammed’s passion and commitment to join the AU was evident to the fore as tears rolled down the royal cheeks in a sigh of relief and jubilation! After all, kings are human too!

The passage to AU was not a bed of roses. There were nasty attempts from some member countries led by Algeria, South Africa and the polisario. The Polisario leader Brahim Ghali’s hostility and objection could be understood given the historical background. Ghali should have considered the magnanimity shown by Morocco towards the autonomy of the region in question. What is intriguing is the hitting below the belt diplomacy of South Africa. Morocco braved the hostile and electrifying atmosphere to finally regain its rightful place in the African Union. The real diplomatic game starts now as member countries would see the benefits of Morocco taking centre stage leaving those jealous far behind. Morocco provides a suitable and conducive atmosphere for investments. China is a major player to watch as it has loads of cash to transform Africa into an industrialized continent in the near future.

King Mohammed has kept Morocco an oasis of peace in spite of the looming threats of the devilish cult of ISIS. His wise and strong leadership has kept the ISIS terrorists at bay, by and large. He did not allow religion to be used as a weapon to brutalize people. Seema Mustafa — India’s prominent journalist and Editor-in-Chief of The Citizen had once famously remarked:

‘Religion in politics is used to mesmerize and subdue the populace in a manner that eventually becomes autocratic, repressive and brutal.’

King Mohammed successfully kept Morocco on the path of moderation and did not allow Tunisia-type of religious extremism to prosper.  His proven track record of counter-terrorism measures in handing over terrorists or suspects to countries like France has earned him admiration. He presents the real peaceful face of Islam with his policy of moderation. King Mohammed’s actual contribution to world peace can be seen in sending Moroccan peace keeping forces to six nations. The Moroccan peace keeping forces are still doing their duty in the Central African Republic and Congo. If there is peace and security, efforts can be made for development.

Food security is a major challenge in Africa. Morocco’s efforts under King Mohammed’s dynamic leadership to boost food security despite the climate change will go a long way in putting a morsel of food into the common man’s mouth. The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) has been making phenomenal contributions in the fields of sustainable ecological farming and water conservation in Asia and Africa. Hopefully, ICRISAT’s efforts will bear more fruits in the starving African nations if a new substantial fund is set aside with significant contribution from Morocco to promote farmers’ small holdings and enhance yield per acre all over Africa.

Morocco must consolidate the gains of entry into AU. Moroccan politicians must work shoulder to shoulder to realize the dreams of King Mohammed. It has been ages since elections were held last year. The new government has to be formed without delay in the national interests. Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane  should try for a national government formation as Morocco is at the threshold of creating history and a brilliant future.

Verily, Morocco had a spectacular ‘main gate entry’ and not a ‘back door entry’ in to the African Union. King Mohammed is the new statesman on the African horizon! The world order changeth. Is the Nobel Peace Prize Committee listening?  Morocco has arrived! King Mohammed has arrived!!