King Mohammed VI dismisses Benkirane from Prime Ministership

King Mohammed VI dismisses Benkirane from Prime Ministership

Screen grab from Skynews. Youtube Screen grab.
King Mohammed VI walking side by side with Benkirane. Screen grab from Skynews.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- King Mohammed VI has relieved yesterday the recently appointed head of government, Abdelilah Benkirane, a communiqué from the Royal Cabinet said, citing the stalling of negotiations in view of forming a government coalition as the main rationale behind the decision.

King Mohammed VI nevertheless thanked Benkirane for his “sincere high-sense of responsibility and nationalism,” including leading the former government mandate “efficiently, effectively and selflessly.”

The communiqué stressed that King Mohammed VI will pick a replacement “very soon.”

The Royal cabinet statement also stressed that King Mohammed VI took the decision to dismiss Benkirane in line with the Moroccan constitution and to protect Morocco’s democracy.

Benkirane could have avoided his sacking by the king if he were to accept to include the RNI, USFP, and UC parties, in a would-be government coalition, but for the last 5 months he consistently refused to do so, citing “enshrining democracy in Morocco”, and “not willing to betray the Moroccan people who voted for the PJD party,” as his rationale behind his intransigence and stance amid negotiations.

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