Moroccan authorities ban busking in main Casablanca avenues

Moroccan authorities ban busking in main Casablanca avenues


Casablanca, Morocco (TMT)- The Moroccan authorities in the city of Casablanca have banned loud or amplified busking, generally popular with residents, workers and visitors, along various important streets of the city, after complaints were filed about excessive noise.

Buskers on one hand, and civil police joined by residents on the other hand, were at each other’s throat this week as the above-featured video illustrates, when the authorities launched a campaign to remove buskers from various streets in Casablanca.

Residents say they are fine with the music if no amplifiers are used, but buskers say playing music without amps can’t get above the trams, urging the authorities to reassess their position as all cities around the world have street musicians, which will only add to the charm of Morocco’s industrial capital.

The Casablanca authorities say they only moved to remove street performers after they received many noise-related complaints about buskers in the last three months, stressing that protecting the amenity of people who reside nearby is their utmost priority.

Some locals and tourists were seen taking to the defense of buskers, stressing that such public performances contribute to the vibrancy of Morocco’s industrial hub.

The Moroccan Times.