Outrage following protests in North of Morocco against Coronavirus

Outrage following protests in North of Morocco against Coronavirus


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Following some Moroccans in the cities of Tangier, Mdi’q, and Fnideq taking to the streets to protest against the coronavirus, despite the state-imposed curfew, a huge amount of Moroccans have echoed their anger at this decision.

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of the aforementioned cities yesterday evening, shouting religious slogans. The rationale behind their decision is not yet understood.

“There is no God, but Allah. Mohammed is his last prophet” and “Allah Akbar” were among the main slogans shouted.

Their actions have triggered a huge wave of criticism on social media, to the point the event was the most trending subject today on Facebook in the North African kingdom.

“Why are you shouting the name of God. Did you know you are disobeying God in the first place by putting the lives of others in danger?” said one person on Facebook.

“God said in the Quran ‘do not throw yourselves into destruction.’ You are the most stupid people on earth. you are a bunch of animals for instrumentalizing religion this way. I call upon the authorities to jail their leaders,” another person furiously said.

“Please do not refer to the prophet (PBUH) and God, when you do the opposite of what they ask you,” another person added.

“Bunch of stupid people. You are spreading the virus this way. Please take into account that only around 100 people took to the streets yesterday and do not blame the whole of the North. The most majority of people in the North stayed at home,” a native of Mdi’q said.

Though the most majority criticized those people, a minority said the blame should be put on the authorities as they did not educate them for years, and such behavior is to be expected.

“This is the result of decades of nonchalance vis-à-vis such people. Those to blame are the authorities, they are ripping the results of their policies which disdained such people for years. Do not blame them. They did not receive enough education as we did. Blame the authorities,” another person said.

The Moroccan Times.