16 Moroccan Jews infected with coronavirus

16 Moroccan Jews infected with coronavirus


Casablanca, Morocco (TMT)- The head of the Jewish community in Morocco, Serge Berdugo, told Moroccan news outlet Telquel that 13 Moroccan Jews have contracted the coronavirus after taking part of a religious ceremony in Morocco’s industrial hub Casablanca.

The event took place between the 7th and the 10th of March in a Jewish temple in said city.

Berdigo told Telquel that “most of them have recovered.”

According to the same source, around 300 Moroccan Jews were tested, but the most majority of them tested negative.

It is worth reminding that the Moroccan religious Jewish authority, well-known in Morocco under its Arabic acronym “Hakhamiya, has issued two weeks ago a legal opinion to close all synagogues in Morocco.

The Moroccan Times.