Dutch Moroccans disappointed by Bourita’s “discriminatory” statement

Dutch Moroccans disappointed by Bourita’s “discriminatory” statement

Nasser Bourita, Morocco's Foreign Minister.
Nasser Bourita, Morocco’s Foreign Minister.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Dutch Moroccans contacted The Moroccan Times to echo their disappointment and frustration of Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bourita recently calling Netherland’s repatriation schemes “discriminatory.”

In a statement given to Morocco’s state agency La MAP last week, Bouritta said that “the Netherlands has right from the start displayed a discriminatory attitude towards Moroccans holding dual citizenship,” amid its repatriation schemes.

In a communiqué sent to TMT, Dutch Moroccans said they “refuse that our dire situation becomes the focal point of political tensions between Morocco and the Netherlands.”

“There was no discrimination towards us since the Netherlands has prioritized people who have no family and no residence in Morocco, including others who have health issues, and since the most majority of Dutch Moroccans either have a residence in Morocco or at the very least family members, it is quite normal that we are not prioritized, based on humanitarian reasons,” the communiqué reads.

“We refuse to be the subject of political machinations.

“The Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs should strive to defend us and find a solution to the crisis, not make it worse, which he did with his statement, one that does all but reflects the reality,” the communiqué closes.

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